​Residents  Against Western Sydney Airport

UNESCO says there is no need to do anything except "monitor" the WSA planning to save the World Heritage listing of the Greater Blue Mountains National Park. We argue that there is a need to act before the WSA ruins the GBMNP. Therefore,  RAWSA have prepared a letter you can download to email or post to the Director-General.Just click here.

The Director General,                                                     
Ms. Irina Bokova
7 place Fontenoy
75007 Paris, France
Via email: i.bokova@unesco.org
Re: Continuing threat to the UNESCO listed World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park – Sydney Australia
In April 2016, letters from many Blue Mountains and Western Sydney residents were sent to you expressing concern over the Australian Government’s plan to build an international airport, adjacent to Blue Mountains National Park and the impacts this project would have on UNESCO’s World Heritage Listing.
At that time UNESCO responded by stating that it was aware of the airport project and was monitoring the situation.
Now 12 months down the track, our Government has ignored all the inevitable adverse impacts of the project and are planning to start construction of the airport within the next twelve months.
As a concerned Australian committed to World Heritage values, I write to express my growing alarm that this project will have on our Blue Mountains National Park and to seek your support for action to prevent the inevitable environmental damage this airport will have on our area.
To this end, I would be pleased to receive information from you regarding your monitoring and investigation of this matter. I also request that UNESCO take positive action by informing the Australian Government of the threats this airport will have to the continued World Heritage listing of the Blue Mountains National Park.
I look forward to your response on this matter.

 Yours sincerely,
RAWSA, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia