Residents Against Western Sydney Airport

The Government has announced they will spend $6 billion to build the airport Tell them you think there are better ways to spend your tax dollars.

One of the legacies from the Abbott government is the imminent arrival of one of Australia's largest environmental disasters that no one seems to be talking about. Sydney's 2nd Airport.Sleep is not a luxury, it's a necessity for functionality and life itself. Benzene is not a dietary requirement of the Platypus either. ~ Graham George Join the fight for a cleaner quieter atmosphere in Sydney here it's fast and free to join and you will help us make the change you want to see.

Posted by The Labour Coalition on Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Government refuses to release flight paths of the second Sydney airport until after the airport is built.

These flights paths are RAWSA’s interpretations and best guesses guided by what we understand of known flight restrictions in the Sydney basin due to the operation of existing airports, the proposed restrictions of flights over the Blue Mountains National Parks, together with our interpretation of what the EIS runway orientation and take off and landing patterns may mean if we adopt a similar noise sharing approach as it done for Sydney airport. 

This may have no relation to what the WSA Co. is actually planning but that can be easily clarified if the Government would do the decent thing and




These schools will suffer 1 plane every 12 minutes,

every day at 1500m above the classrooms.
Warrimoo Public
Blaxland Public
Blaxland Preschool
East Blaxland
Blaxland High
St Finbar’s
They can expect between 50-75 planes between 7am-6pm each day AND 3 planes per hour ALL NIGHT.

Is this fair?

Source: Western Sydney airport noise modelling tool